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Mealcake Orders, Shipping and other questions like the following:
  When will I get it? Where is it? usps shipping # doesn't work?.. I ordered today will I get it tomorrow??.
 Please read below and/or e-mail me before you open a pay pal concern ticket concerning "where is your/my package". 
 When we receive your order to make and ship, will be 2 or 3 days of travel time to you. 
 Opening  A Pay Pal concern ticket stops and tie's down your order for an extra week.
Order By Mail:  If you don't like the web and want to order by U.S. Mail, we use the Post Office only.
Just Send a check for the amount and a note on what type mealcake's you would like to order. They are listed on my website. Add an E-mail address if you have one on the note if you can so I can update you on delivery time.
Mail to:
P.O. Box 605
Calhoun Falls
S.C.  29628

Orders are all dated, then stamped by the post office when shipped and kept on file by us.

The U.S.P.S. tracking number that I send to you WHEN I SHIP YOUR PACKAGE is valid, no matter what the post office website tracking screen says..
Example only.. 1234 4321 5544 3432 98 copy and pasty numbers into track and confirm at   
(Here's a biggie)
The U.S.P.S. tracking numbers:
 For some reason AFTER your package has been received and scanned in at the local post office, it will not show up until late that day ..even a couple days after the package has been shipped.. sometimes..
Now is all the other information you may can use.
What Is Cottonseed Meal cake?
  it's the ground pulp left over after grinding the cottonseed. This is how it worked in our old cotton gin. We would press the seed meal, the troughs around the press would catch the oil and then pumped it into holding tanks for storage. What was left is the meal cake.
 There are better ways now, and we use them and add extra's to enhance the mealcake.
Cottonseed ground up into a meal is white and when put under heat (making it easy to press the oil out), turns yellow.
We leave all the oil from our cottonseed in the mealcakes and add sometimes pressed cottonseed oil back in during the process.
The difference in our cottonseed mealcakes with others sold on the market:
The difference would be if the other mealcake makers used freshly milled cottonseed verses, processed cottonseed meal in a bag. 
We do not use Chemical Leached processed cottonseed meal to build our mealcakes. We grind our own cottonseed 
>Their<.... Chemical Leached processed type of cottonseed meal is sold in feed stores in a 50 lb.bags for animal feed. The color is a burnt red/brown with black seed hull trashAll the cottonseed oil is gone, striped out and is useless, to a point in my opinion.
We leave all the oil from our cottonseed and sometimes add more in the mealcakes we make.
Mixing, Making and Curing mealcake:
 Our Mealcakes take at least 2 to 3 days. After grinding and mixing a batch and is pressed out into a uniform shape mealcake then set out to cool dry and cure. Longer if it's raining or cloudy.
We try to keep 4 to 5 (separate) working days of ongoing batches made up and getting them ready to ship (5 separate shipping days).
So at a glance I can see orders received 3 days ago that are now ready to go... but we can't add to that number made, what was made 3 days past is done.
(Look for this to happen)
We now.. combining our two mealcakes into 1:
Since the 2 mealcakes we make Hoggum and Carolina Mealcake are so close in make up, we will in the future just combine the 2 and just call them the Carolina Mealcake. This will allow us and give us more time to make mealcakes by not having to change over the mixing process so much. There is a small amount of corn cracked or meal or other forms in the mealcake now. This has now been done as of May 24, 2010
Pay Pal: 
After you place your order with us it takes pay pal 3 or 4 days to send down your money for the transaction/purchase. This works out with the order already started. So mealcake orders take about a week.  A week is 4 or 5 *working days (*does not include Saturday and or Sunday) to make, cure and finally shipped out and ( 2 or 3 days) before it will get to you..
Post Office has it now: 
Your package of mealcake is shipped Priority Mail which means it should reach you in about 2 or 3 days..after I give it to the usps.
Mealcakes are cut and always packaged whole. 
After U.S.P.S. gets them I am not responsible for what they do..The package is insured.
Orders that call for more than 1 shipping box are sometimes mixed with a bigger sized mealcakes together in boxes to save you some shipping cost. Extra mealcakes are sometimes added to offset the difference and help you with shipping cost.
How fast can you make mealcakes?
   Mealcake slabs are pressed 1 at a time and no 2 are alike so we just can't spit out a hundred or so in a day or every day.
Mealcake materials are made with fresh ground material, ground and mixed in our machines, then loaded and pressed then they are set out to cool and cure.
I Found a bug or some tiny bugs in the box?
Weevils are inside seed sometimes. I mix up to a 500 to a 1000 pounds at a time and cannot inspect each seed no more than your local grocery store can.
 Sometimes it gets hot here in South Carolina, like stroke hot 99 -104 plus with HIGH humility and they just come out.
I think their just thirsty and hot too. 
The Post Office makes us tape the boxes up so the meal like powder or anything else can't or doesn't spill out in route so they get sometimes get trapped in. That has only occurred 1 time that I know of.
The Post Office pitches a hissy fit if cottonseed meal powder spills comes out of the box..
What type of machines do you use? Presses and Hammer mills
One of our favorites, and we USE IT EVERYDAY, is a 1938 Sears and Roebuck King Hammer Mill (the cost back then in 1938 was $83.00). She still runs as smooth today as she did back in 1938 new. Couldn't work without it as a pre-hammer grain meal. The rest of the machines except the main grinder, we make ourselves.
Will it last under water?
   Yes, our mealcakes are rock hard yet fish are able to nibble only, no large bites allowed, by design.
 Fish cannot take more than a nibble off of the mealcakes making them stay around longer. This helps train and keep fish in an area so they will be there when you get back to fish again...
Oil, some oil, which is a food source comes out and rises to the surface to. You can see it sometimes. 
Only you know (where the fish will be.)..yep...
Now that's something to think about..? really..
How much do I use?
   Pieces as small as 1" can get fish to take notice by the oil and food that drifts off of it.
To Carry Our Mealcakes ( Stores )
We will need, (have to have on file) your Stores Name, Contact Person, Phone, Shipping Address, and Tax I.D. Number. 
 We use the K.I.S.S. method as a number 1 rule and when ever possible.
If you want Our mealcake in a store near you just asked the Store people to e-mail us, or for some to just re-order.
How do I use mealcake around docks?
   You can drill a hole through a mealcake and tie a rope to it. Throw it in the water and go fishing around it.
Is this good for fish baskets and how much to use?
    Yes, a piece about the size of your hand put into the basket should be enough.
How do you ship this mealcake?
  We use U.S.P.S. every other shipping office is 30 miles away. 
 USPS flat rate boxes are hard to beat for the heavy weights. Plus they have a simple tracking ticket that we use on each package. 
We havn't found anybody that can beat that price. We add nothing to shipping or handling and usps boxes are free.
What is the boxed sizes of mealcakes?
 5 or 6 cut pieces in a box. The Mealcake slab that is cut 2 or 3 times into 8" or 12" in. lengths to fit 2 of the usps's boxes.
Do y'all make any other kind of mealcake slabs besides cottonseed?
   Yes. After we get our inventory built up to a workable sales level, then we can look at making pure Fish meal slabs or corn slabs etc.. Other types can be made the same way as other cottonseed slabs. Our process allows for anything I, or you can think of can be made and put into a slab..
Round Fish Blocks with a 1" hole through it.
 Coming soon: Not yet!
We have been working on these fish blocks for a while now..Our fish blocks will have to be eaten by fish to make them go away.. 
Water contact only activates the feeding process, like our slab mealcakes.
 I work with E-Mails (this is the only secretary that will work for me) Better and quicker than a phone:
True...guilty..I am not on call, that's just the way it is..Don't have a phone.
Why Not Use Cell Phones:
E-mails are looked at first when I get up at 3 or 4 o'clock in the morning.
Taking care of farming and ranching with live crops and animals is Our main job and also a 24 hour a day lifestyle..
I'm looking after over a large Ranch/Farm, and disassemble old Southern Cotton Mills.
I make mealcake on the side at the moment
Being from the real OLD Southern School in services and temperament,
I (We) will do the best we can for you, always. This is what we go by and live by...and expect.  Anybody working here for us will do the same, period.
We don't play games but do have a sense of humor...well..a little bit anyway..
 E-mail are good and stays on file and on the server:
Little River Electric Company is our power company here in S.C..
  Our power can go off at any time for any reason and no reason and does a lot. Sometime's once a day. When the electric power goes off, even for a moment, all messages recorded disappear. E-mail is good...
No, we don't have extra people:
($$$$/health insurance.retirement/workers comp..etc) standing around to answer phones. Our office is outside and in the fields while E-mail is our 24/7's secretary.
We will add more questions and answers as we get them and I hope these help..
Thank you for your understanding,
Bobby Sherard    Company Position: chief cook and bottle washer for Tri S Ranch and 
We are trying to build an inventory of mealcakes. Because of increase sales every year we have not been able to do so. Everything sales. We are only able to keep up with incoming orders.
NOTE: Turn around time for all online orders took about a week in the month of July 2020.. (a week does not count Sat. and Sundays)
2020 @ 100%... of ALL orders received using the U.S.P.S. tracking numbers have been shipped! 
All of them were delivered in a timely manner and accounted for...
Sometimes the US mail can be a little rough and some pieces get broken.
Thanks, y'all